Lake Review Coyote Lake

Coyote Lake is a small lake owned and managed by the Santa Clara County Parks located in Gilroy, Ca about 30 minutes east of US 101. This lake contains all the fish that are common to the area and the other local lakes including Common Carp, Catfish, Large Mouth Bass, and Black Crappie. This lake is known to local South Bay fisherman for being a solid producer of the biggest bass in the Santa Clara County Park lakes with bass being pulled out of here at over 10lbs. For people new to bass fishing most recreational bass fisherman will be lucky to catch even one double digit large mouth bass in their lifetime. This lake is fairly dynamic in ways to fish it because of its diverse geography. On the far wall of the lake from the boat ramp it is a very steep and rocky wall which I have always found produces solid numbers no matter the water level when pitching a jig and bouncing it along the bottom on the retrieve to the boat. I would suggest hitting this spot in the beginning of the day because it is in the middle section of the lake and has little protection so in the middle of the day boat traffic scares the fish and the wakes make it hard to keep your boat off the edge of the lake. Another great spot to fish is the left side of the lake (facing the boat launch) where the shrubs grow into the water. This spot is pretty good all day because it stays out of the way of wake-boarders and other boat traffic, unfortunately the water level has to be high enough to be up to the shrubs to produce fish. If you are fishing the spot I suggest to use to throw a texas rigged creature bait (I prefer a Havoc Pit Boss) and pitch it into the brush as far as possible and drag it back about five feet and then try again. The last spot I would suggest is the slough where the river feeds into the lake if you want to catch massive bass but be warned fishing here is going for broke. There are eight plus pounders hidden back here but coaxing even one to bite is very difficult and there is no consistent bait that will get them to bite.  Overall it is one of my favorite lakes to fish and if you live in the South Bay I suggest going out and trying my tips and have a blast on the water. Remember a bad day fishing is better than a good day at work! Here is a link of a catch I made at Coyote

5.5 Lbs caught on a Texas rig at Coyote Lake




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