Winter is Around the Corner

Bass fishing is a very dynamic sport one thing will work great one day and you will get skunked (catch nothing) the next and as winter inches closer fishing gets more difficult. Even though here in California we have fairly mild winters across the state the fish still make dramatic changes in the way they act and react to baits. Just like us in the winter the fish tend to be more lethargic and like to stay warm so it limits the fishing you can do. Around October the water temperatures begin to drop dramatically Large Mouth Bass will begin to retreat to deep waters where the water temperature will stay warmer and more constant. In the winter Bass are similar to bears, bears hibernate and bass try to use as little energy and wait till the spring to go on the hunt for food. Because of this fishing for them becomes almost impossible especially if you do not have a boat and fish finder. The best way to catch fish in the winter is to use a football head jig and move it super slowly gently bouncing it off the bottom in deep waters. The fish at this time of the year do not want to come out and attack lures like they do in the spring and summer so you are going to need to drag the bait right in front of them to coax them to sucking it up. If you are fishing from a bank or even on a boat it is going to be hard to get lucky to have a real chance of catching winter fish consistently. Your best bet is if you have a fish finder because it will show you where the fish are hiding deep and where underwater cover like downed trees and  rocks where the fish will hangout. No matter what winter fishing will be vary slow compared to the other seasons so stick in there and try not to get discouraged!


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