The Right Line; For You

If you go into any sporting goods store or tackle shop you will notice almost a whole isle donated to just fishing line varying in price from around $5 to some upwards of $60 so I am going to help you pick the right line/ lines for you. The first thing one needs to know are there are three basic types of lines monofilament, fluorocarbon and braid and all have there ups and downs. To start monofilament is what most anglers have for all types of fishing from freshwater trout to saltwater cod and is good because it is CHEAP. Monofilament is the line with the 5,6,8 dollar price tags which make it tempting but it frays easily and is stretchy which can take away force when setting the hook. Fluorocarbon is similar to monofilament in looks but has no stretch and the way light reacts with it underwater it is virtually invisible. Braid is the strongest for its diameter and gives you the most feel of what you are hitting under water but is the most easily visible. Now if I could only choose one to fish on all my poles I would choose…. fluorocarbon and braid?!?! Now to do this I would spool my reel with braid and using the double unison (double uni) tie on a 6 foot liter to the end which I would tie my lures on to. Doing this I get the  best of both worlds, the feel of the braid and the invisibility of the fluorocarbon and a bonus the amount of line on your reel does not get shorter as you have to retie new  lures. The other thing you need to consider is the proper test line (strength) which changes the flexibility and diameter of the line so you need to choose one strong enough but not over kill. I suggest between 10 lb and 12 lb for whatever you are connecting onto your lure but if you use the double uni I was talking about I would make the braid on your spool 30 lb because it is easier to tie knots and ensures a break on a snag will only be on the last 6 feet of your line.


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