Color Matters

In our large state of California we have lakes and streams of all sizes and “colors” or clarity rather. You have bodies of water like Clear Lake which despite it’s name is actually a pretty murky lake to lakes like Berryessa where you can see sometimes over ten feet. When fishing soft plastics like worms, plastics shads and creature baits you need to choose the right color of it to ensure you are catching the most fish possible for the day. Choosing the right color is fairly counter intuitive a rule of thumb the “darker” murkier water use darker plastics and visa versa. So for example if the water is really muddied up and you can barely see you bait the instant you put it in the water you should be fishing a dark bait like a black or dark green. I do not know the exact science behind why this is because when I started fishing I figured in that scenario you should throw something like neon or white because for humans that is the easiest to see. But something about Largemouth Bass and their vision find darker colors easier in murky water. It is also important to understand that water clarity changes in the same body of water as fast as 15 minutes, all it takes are a bunch of boats creating wakes to muddy up the water and change the color of bait the fish are biting on. Algae blooms, wind, rain, etc. can all change the clarity of the water so it is important to not rely on colors that have had success before but rather the conditions that day. That being said you might find patterns for certain bodies of water for types of conditions that work better than others for no explanation. For example the fish in a certain lake might like a purple strip in the baits, but this is something that just takes catching a a lot of fish in a body of water to figure that out.


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