Lake Review: Anderson Lake

Anderson Lake located in Morgan Hill, California is the largest lake in Santa Clara County and is one of my favorite lakes to rip lips on. This lakes is one of the most consist producers of bass I have fished and is very predictable. I fish two baits almost exclusively when I am on the water, A spinner bait and a drop shot. Despite it being such a large lake I spend almost all of my time fishing “rattle snake cove” (seen on map by boat launch)  a cove directly across from the boat launch. I suggest starting there with a drop shot when the wind is low in the morning and just work every little inlet in the cove. When you have done that go back to the mouth of the cove and do it again. The wind tends to pick up strong in the afternoon at which point switch to the spinner bait and repeat. On summer afternoons the wind picks up and so does the wake board traffic. The wind and wake boarders are the two cons of the lake. The wind make it hard to navigate a boat and hard to cast in your intended location. The wake boarders although are not allowed to make wake in “rattle snake cove” tend to like to come take breaks in the cove. When they do lots of them play their music loud, sit where you want to fish and in general make fishing difficult and frustrating. Weather the cove is not producing or you have had enough of the wake boarders there are a few other spots you can try. There is an adjacent cove that is smaller and does not hold as many fish but can still make a bad day fishing a good one. When times are tough the dam is a worthy try but you will need to switch to a jig or a deep diving crankbait. Overall I would give the lake a 8/10 and suggest every angler to give it a try if given the opportunity.


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