Brandon Quan’s Take

Brandon Quan a California Native has been a bass fisherman most of his life and so has his father and grandfather. All of this experience has made him one of the best recreational fishermen I know and I got the pleasure of catching up and picking his brain on bass fishing. I asked him what he thinks are the most important things for new fishermen to master to help them get started and we agreed on a a lot and he also brought up other points that made sense. When I asked him what to learn first in fishing he said knots, he went to explain the different knots you want to learn and master them so you can tie them quick. He said that if you are good at them you are more comfortable to tie on new baits and in turn fish the waters better. He brought up that the first bait to master is the drop shot because you can fish it anywhere and anytime time so you can have fun catching fish and find the fish. He wanted to emphasize that just cause you master fishing that or a different lure do not rely on it to get better you need to push out of your comfort zone and try to fish baits you have not used or are not confident at. Tight lines!


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